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Safety & Peace of Mind

The obvious benefit of stairlifts is that it gets a passenger up and down the stairs safely and smoothly. Going beyond the physical benefit is that it gives the users of the stairlift the ability to have freedom and choice, the freedom of giving you the ability to move around your existing home and the choice to stay in your home safely and comfortably with peace of mind.

People who have develop mobility issues have moved away from using their home’s stairs because it has been too difficult to climb or if they had their choice they would prefer to have a home that is a single floor so they would not have to have anything to go up and down. Having a well-tailored stair lift in their home would give you your choice back. You will no longer have to face moving away from familiarity, family or friends or to reduce the list of housing options.

Using stair lifts also gives benefits to the relatives of the user as well – peace of mind. The chair lifts are a great health and safety device that helps its users get transported up and down stairs without incident.

Many people who use the stair lifts can move around their home with relative ease, but in older houses, the stairs can be more narrow and steeper than the newer homes and this can offer additional challenges to people with mobility challenges. However, a well-installed and maintained lift can offer the assurance that you can take the stairs safely and every time.


How do stair lifts work and what are some of the features that you can expect to find in one? The features of various models and manufacturers can vary, but here is a simple rundown of some of the most useful ones you can look for.

First, a chair lift or a stair lift is very versatile. Either one can be fitted into any home’s staircase. It can be curved, straight, or even spiral. A stair lift in the most basic terms is a chair that runs on a track and is precisely following the line of the stairs.

Stairlifts get their power from electricity. Many of the models come with a battery backup that run on a continuous charge. What this means is that the stair lift can still be operational even though the power goes out. Even though power outages are not common occurrences with stair lifts, for the lift user the ability to get upstairs is something you cannot do without.

There is a hand control, an integral joystick and or even buttons that are used to help with the moving of the lifting up and bringing down from the stairs, and if for some reason you are not on the same level as the lift then it can be called to you using the controls at either the top or bottom of the staircase. This is a great feature to help ensure that you will never be stranded.

Another safety feature of some stair lift models is the swivel chair. When the stairlift is moving either up or down the stairs it will face directly away from the wall. When the lift user gets on and off of the chair it will turn 90 degrees and will lock, so that the person can safely get off, facing away from the stairs.

For safety, the chair will have seat belts which will also be included, and often there will be sensors that will detect any objects that are in the path. Many times, the stair lift sensors will also have sensors that will pick up any objects that are in the way to prevent damage to the carriage. Also available are speed sensors for the stairlift that will limit the speed to make sure that you have a smooth ride. The ride of the stair lift will depend on model to model so we can help you choose the best model that suits your needs and your budget.

One important feature to look for is the ability to have a lockout switch that will help lock the unit from being used when it’s not supposed to. Stair lifts can be something that a young child may want to play with, and this mechanism will make sure that they are unable to operate it and potentially injure themselves.

Which Stairlift? 

Now that you know a little bit about some of the features that are available you can look into the different models. When you call us, we can give you a no-obligation and free estimate of the different models that are offered.

To decide on the best stair lift model for you a stair lift will fall into two broad categories which are straight and a curved one. A straight model is one that has no bends or half-landings.

If you have a staircase that has corners, bends or half-landings, then you’ll need a curved stairlift. You can get a lift that will be a great fit for your stairs. If you were online and typed Stair Lifts Near Me, then call us for free information 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and we will find the closest professional near you. We are here to help with the care and support of your stairlift needs. Call Stair Lift World today.


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